Esurientes Implevit (from Magnificat)

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Aria alto Esurientes implevit bonis et divites dimisit inanes.

Terzetto soprani, alto Suscepit Israel puerum suum recordatus misericordiae suae. Coro Sicut locutus est ad patres nostros, Abraham et semini ejus in saecula. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Behold, from henceforth, I will be called blessed by all generations.

Menu 1. Magnificat chorus 2. Et exsultavit aria 3. Quia respexit aria 4.

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Omnes chorus 5. Quia fecit aria 6. Et misericordia duet 7. Fecit potentiam chorus 8. Deposuit aria 9.

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Among all the areas of human experience and endeavor, religion has perhaps inspired the greatest works of art. Whether it takes shape in the arabesques and mosaics of the Great Mosque of Damascus or the intricate calligraphy and illuminated details in sacred books, spirituality has motivated countless artists.

In composing music for two of the oldest Christian liturgical texts—the Gloria and the Magnificat—Antonio Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach stepped onto a well-worn path.

While each work bears the unique imprint of its creator, they also share many elements of style and are connected, in their inspiration, to the whole world of sacred art. The Protestant world for which J.

Festive Cantatas - Vivaldi - Gloria and Magnificat - Early Music Vancouver

Although the theology differed, in terms of ritual and music, Lutheran services hewed closely to Catholic forms. Bach made free use of operatic styles in the recitatives and arias while also drawing on older expressive techniques, like word painting. While his predecessor as cantor, Johann Kuhnau, did not tolerate theatricality in church music, Bach was willing to use whatever means were available to him.

Then, expanding outward from the chorus in the first half and the aria in the second half, each movement mirrors the other, moving apart by the same intervals. The result is a perfectly balanced and coherent structure that magnifies the meaning of the words in musical harmony. The brightness of the D major choruses that frame the work are a legacy of the Baroque trumpets and timpani used in the orchestration, which could only be played comfortably in a few keys. The extended flourishes in the vocal line, or fioritura , embody the exultation described in the text and also offer a challenge to the soloist.

Like Luther, Bach considered music a donum Dei gift of God.

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    J.S. Bach - Magnificat

    Chor Magnificat anima mea Dominum. Chorus My soul magnifies the Lord. Arie S I Quia respexit humilitatem ancillae suae. Ecce enim ex hoc beatam me dicent 3. Behold, from henceforth, I will be called blessed 4.