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Released on the local indie label Hib-Tone, "Radio Free Europe" was pressed in a run of only 1, copies, but most of the those singles fell into the right hands. Due to strong word of mouth, the single became a hit on college radio and topped The Village Voice's year-end poll of Best Independent Singles. The single also earned the attention of larger independent labels, and by the beginning of , the band had signed to I. Records , releasing the EP Chronic Town in the spring. Like the single, Chronic Town was well received, paving the way for the group's full-length debut album, 's Murmur.

With its subdued, haunting atmosphere and understated production, Murmur was noticeably different than Chronic Town and was welcomed with enthusiastic reviews upon its spring release; Rolling Stone named it the best album of , beating out Michael Jackson 's Thriller and the Police 's Synchronicity. Murmur also expanded the group's cult significantly, breaking into the American Top The band returned to a rougher-edged sound on 's Reckoning, which featured the college hit "So. Central Rain I'm Sorry. Bands that imitated these very things ran rampant throughout the American underground, and R.

By , the American underground was awash with R.

rem - | ClojureDocs - Community-Powered Clojure Documentation and Examples

Just as the signature R. The album reflected the group's dark moods, as well as its obsession with the rural South, and both of these fascinations popped up on the supporting tour. Stipe , whose on-stage behavior was always slightly strange, entered his most bizarre phase, as he put on weight, dyed his hair bleached blonde, and wore countless layers of clothing. None of the new quirks in R.

Gehman had the band clean up its sound and Stipe enunciate his vocals, making Lifes Rich Pageant their most accessible record to date. Upon its late summer release in , Lifes Rich Pageant was greeted with the positive reviews that had become customary with each new R.

The Cranberries - Zombie (Official Music Video)

Several months after Lifes Rich Pageant, the group released the B-sides and rarities collection Dead Letter Office in the spring of Nevertheless, their audience had grown quite large, and it wasn't that surprising that the group's fifth album, Document, became a hit shortly after its fall release. Produced by Scott Litt -- who would produce all of their records over the course of the next decade -- Document climbed into the U. The following year, the band left I.

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Records , signing with Warner Bros. The first album under the new contract was Green, which was released on U. Election Day Green continued the success of Document, going double platinum and generating the Top Ten single "Stand. Though they had graduated to stadiums in America, they continued to play clubs throughout Europe. The Green tour proved to be draining for the group, and they took an extended rest upon its completion in During the break, each member pursued side projects, and Hindu Love Gods, an album Buck, Berry, and Mills recorded with Warren Zevon in , was released.

Entering the U. Since the bandmembers were exhausted from the Green tour, they chose to stay off the road. Nevertheless, Out of Time became the group's biggest album, selling over four million copies in the U. Though the band had promised a rock album after the softer textures of Out of Time, Automatic for the People was slow, quiet, and reflective, with many songs being graced by string arrangements by Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones.

Like its predecessor, Automatic for the People was a quadruple platinum success, generating the Top 40 hit singles "Drive," "Man on the Moon," and "Everybody Hurts.

Janelle Monáe, R.E.M., Patti Smith, Wilco, More Donate Setlists for Charity Auction

After piecing together two albums in the studio, R. Though the record was conceived as a back-to-basics album, the recording of Monster was difficult and plagued with tension. Nevertheless, the album was a huge hit upon its fall release, entering the U. Experiencing some of the strongest sales and reviews of their career, R. Two months into the tour, Bill Berry suffered a brain aneurysm while performing; he had surgery immediately and had fully recovered within a month. Mills had to undergo abdominal surgery to remove an intestinal tumor in July; a month later, Stipe had to have an emergency surgery for a hernia.

Despite all the problems, the tour was an enormous financial success, and the group recorded the bulk of a new album. Before the record was released in the fall of , R.

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New Adventures in Hi-Fi was released in September , just before it was announced that the band had re-signed with Warner Bros. In light of such a huge figure, the commercial failure of New Adventures in Hi-Fi was ironic. Though it received strong reviews and debuted at number two in the U. By early , the album had already begun its descent down the charts. However, the members of R. In October of , R. Replacing Berry with a drum machine, the sessions resulted in 's Up, widely touted as the band's most experimental recording in years.

She usually wears a maid uniform, and since her chest is slightly larger than her sister's, she secretly changes the measurements to hide it. Rem tends to speak in a superficially polite manner and sometimes acts without thinking. She holds both respect to the point of worship and guilt toward her sister for an incident in the past.

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Because of her respect and guilt toward her sister, she used to think of herself as inferior. After Subaru saves her, she falls deeply in love with him, becoming one of his most loyal followers. Rem will stick with him no matter what happens, even if Subaru rejects himself. Currently Rem has had her name and memories eaten by Ley Batenkaitos , erasing her existence from the world and putting her in suspended animation. Rem lived along with her father , mother , and her elder sister Ram in an Oni village.

Initially, because they were born with one horn each it meant they were defective in the view of the Oni community whom believe individual strength above all else and were despised for it. They were to be killed as the custom of Oni to protect their pride as strongest of the demi-humans, until just before the execution Ram displayed the potential of her power to protect them both at which shocked the community.

Being allowed to live thanks to her older sister who had an aptitude that had not been seen in a millennia among Oni kind, Rem spent rest of her days in her shadow. Despite presence of her sister also raising expectation for herself in the community, she could never meet them nor surpass her sister in any area which earned her disappoint from the other villagers. However Rem loved her sister and accepted her place behind and very least her parents still cared for them both deeply even if she herself found difficult to believe in front of the brilliance of her older sister. One night Rem's life change forever when it got attacked by the Witch Cult around 6 years before the beginning of the story, following into her sister's horn being cut off by Faust.

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The whole village got destroyed along with her parents and the citizens, except for her and Ram. Ever since, Rem's inferiority complex had deepen due to a sense of guilt for momentary feeling of joy her sister's injury that night, so she made the utmost effort to become a replacement for her sister as ideal a servant as possible to atone for what she felt had robbed from Ram with her.

But even having reached a certain level of perfection, she still has a low level of self-esteem and continues to idealize Ram. Magic User : Rem is skilled at Water Magic and Roswaal estimates her skill as being in the lower high. She is able to attack and heal using her magic.

REM look back on Monster: 'We did not want to become the dancing monkey'

The horn increases her physical abilities and acts as a gate which gathers mana from the atmosphere. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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